Why do garage door springs break?
Broken garage door springs are a serious issue for both residential as well as commercial garage doors. As springs are important part of every garage door, the problem which they cause after breaking is also a big one. When springs break, they release all they tension they have hold. Due to this, they hit the floor with a great force and can damage the property and the vehicles. And if you are using your garage door for storing the other precious items, they may also be damaged in the case of spring breaking.
However, as the broken springs can cause serious problems, it is must to have knowledge about them so that you can prevent this situation. There are number of issues that can lead to the breaking of garage door springs and you need to have knowledge about them. Here, we are going to tell you about the reasons of springs breaking.
Completion of the life span
As every moving part comes with a life span, same is the case with garage door springs. As there are two types of springs, the life span for both is different. The torsion springs can work efficiently for longer period than the extension period. When the life span of the springs is completed they can break anytime. So, you should be aware of the time period up to which they will work properly.
However, there are some conditions which can lead to the breaking of springs even before the completion of their life span. These conditions are:
Weather conditions
Extreme weather conditions can harm the garage door springs greatly especially when there are sudden changes in the temperature. So, you should try to install the springs within the system that they will be less exposed to these condition.
Lack of maintenance
Maintenance is the factor that will not only affect the garage door springs but will also affect the other door parts. As humans need continuous nourishing of the body; in the similar manner regular maintenance is required for garage door parts. If springs have not given the proper lubrications and have not inspected for the balance, then they can break before the completion of their life span.
Improper installation
For having your garage door working in the proper manner, it is must to ensure that the springs are properly installed. In the case they are not installed in an accurate way, the door will be imbalanced. If springs keep on working in such conditions, then they will break within days.
Defects in the other door parts
However, defect in any door part can cause defects in the other parts. As far as the springs are concerned, then the broken or improperly installed cables can cause these springs to break. It is not compulsory that they will result into the breaking of springs but the possibilities are there.
If you want your garage door springs working well until they reach the end point of their life span, then you should keep all the above given points in mind and ensure their proper maintenance.